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My-MVL is an online application designed with accountants and tax advisers in mind, streamlining the process of a Members' Voluntary Liquidation to save both time and costs.

My-MVL is a white label software solution

My-MVL is a unique online system designed to allow accountants to promote, manage and control Members' Voluntary Liquidations (“MVLs”) for their clients. It reduces the role of the insolvency practitioner, whilst recognising the value of the accountant’s role in relation to tax advice, trade cessation and the preparation of all the information required prior to the MVL commencing.

It has been designed specifically with the contractor market in mind, where the accountant manages most of the clients’ financial information. My-MVL also sits neatly within with any tax advice services provided to contractors throughout the life of their company.

"My-MVL has received 100% positive feedback from my clients and I would recommend it to any adviser.  It gets five stars from me!"

Pete Edwards, Partner at Warr & Co Chartered Accountants

Powerful software with a simple fixed fee

The overall fee for the MVL is set by the accountant on either a global or ‘by client’ basis, allowing for the recognition of the tax advice and information preparation undertaken. Included within this there is a low fixed fee covering the use of the software, standard document creation, the online signature system and the insolvency practitioner input provided remotely.

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Benefits to you

My-MVL keeps you in control of the MVL process

    • Extension of service lines available to your client

    • Reflects the value of the work undertaken in terms of tax advice, MVL preparation and information collation

    • Control of the overall fee level for the MVL and knowledge that the insolvency process is covered by a simple fixed fee for using the software

    • Email updates throughout the process keep you updated on the liquidation status through to client receipt of funds

Benefits to your client

My-MVL also improves the client experience

    • Seamless online documentation journey

    • Minimal hassle, can be undertaken remotely, removing the need for face to face meetings

    • Tax advice, cessation of trade, accounts and tax computations all included with the actual liquidation process

    • No complexity – one fixed fee for the whole process


Where is data hosted?

We host all data in the UK, using a top hosting provider.  The primary servers are located near London, no data is shared outside of the UK, with the exception of transmission to Adobe Document Cloud, this is only a very limited subset of the data required for contracts signing.

What is the security like?

The security of all data is of paramount importance to us.  We hold all data on military grade secure servers hosted in a top secure hosting centre by one of the world’s top hosting providers. No physical access can be gained to the data, all data is stored on secure and encrypted drives.

What is the DR / backup?

The data is regularly backed up on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly rotational plan.

Where is data transmitted?

Only limited data is shared with Adobe for the production of signed PDF forms, this is a highly secure and digitally signed process.


Is my data transmitted securely?

Data is only ever transmitted over SSL, this prevents unauthorised access and only data which is needed to be shared ever is.

Can you read my password?

Passwords are secured in non-reversible encryption, so only you should know your password.  It is advised that you keep passwords different for different sites and applications, as if one were compromised and shared this would allow unauthorised access to other places with the same credentials.

What are the uptime and site access restrictions?

The site is available nearly 24/7. We only undertake essential maintenance over weekends and immediate patch releases after 8pm work days when absolutely essential. There is no scheduled downtime 8am-8pm Monday to Friday and every endeavour is made to ensure the site and applications are accessible for the maximum possible availability.

Part of Leonard Curtis

Leonard Curtis is the UK's only dedicated advisory firm specifically aimed at assisting SMEs that are experiencing financial distress, require debt or equity funding or are looking to maximise the benefits from their funding facilities. Leonard Curtis also works closely with accountants and other company advisers, providing innovative solutions to them, to allow them to broaden their service lines to their clients.


Lifecycle - Specialist Services for Accountants

Lifecycle is a unique network for accountants - provided by Leonard Curtis.

It provides member accountants with a comprehensive range of specialist services - and the expert support required - to improve their client offering at every stage of a business’ lifecycle. From company formation to cessation and all stages in between.

Lifecycle is free to join and also offers members many additional benefits. These include access to competitively priced Professional Indemnity insurance cover, a regular programme of free training and education and discounts on products and services relevant to their business and clients’ needs.

This product is particularly suitable for advisers with clients who are contractors, or where the adviser has been able to prepare the company for the online process by realising assets and settling liabilities. For more information please contact us:

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